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Want to have a trip in Okinawa !?
Ms. A, 27 years old, has been working as an OL for 4 years since graduated. She was always busy at work, especially when getting close to the year-end. But she still tried hard to squeeze out some time to meet up her old friends during New Year holiday.
In the good old days, Ms. A would travel around with friends once there was holiday. But now, traveling just became a kind of luxuriant activity for them, because they were all busy about fighting for their career.

Recently, Ms. A realized that her career has become stable, and was less busy than before. She was glad that finally she can take a break and have a holiday.
In the gathering, somebody just suggested going to trip together like before. Everybody said YES; and the suggestion was concluded with a trip to Okinawa in May!
It has been a long time for overseas trip, Ms. A was so excited. She immediately thought about to buy a new luggage case; also a new swimsuit for water sports in Okinawa……
Time flies, in a flash, just one more week to go before departing to Okinawa.
Spent too much for preparation, not enough cash on hand now……

Ms. A was calculating how much cash she should prepare for the Okinawa trip; she wanted to eat hard, play hard and shop hard!
But unfortunately, she found that the balance of her bank account was just too low. Ms. A bought something for her trip and paid by credit card, the payment date was approaching. After deduction of rent as well as living expenses, the cash Ms. A has was totally not enough for the trip, but she will not get payroll until after coming back to HK.
Spent too much for preparation, not enough cash on hand now……

She would get the bonus from company next month end, but she thought this is really so mean to have a poor trip now…Ms. A felt so headache, tried to look for solution and related information from the web. She then saw an advertisement of a finance company and applied for personal loan of HKD15000 right away.
Ms. A did doubt if she borrowed too much; but she finally decided to spend all for a luxuriant trip!
Interest rate 12.4%,Repayment Term 12 months
 Monthly repayment HK$1336

Total Repayment Amount HK$16028
(Total repayment amount will be adjusted due to different interest rates and repayment term)
Ms. A felt free and easy to make the repayment after getting the bonus. And the most important thing is she spent a substantial and very much enjoyable holiday with her beloved friends!

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