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Want to get a new PC!
Mr. H is 24 years old, just started his 2nd year to be a white-collar. Some freshmen joined his company since summer holiday; Mr. H works so hard, targeting to be their role model.
One Day, Mr. H stayed at home, and he was trying to browse the web to get some information for the meeting. He found that his PC is retarded, sometimes even hang, which make him take long time to finish the task. Mr. H realized he has used the PC for more than 4 years already since Year 1 in University, maybe it is not a bad idea to change to a new one now.
Although the new PC is not expensive…

After decided to buy a new PC, Mr. H went to the PC shopping center right away. He expected the new models are very expensive, but after taking a look, he found that they are cheaper than he thought. Good one is just around HK$10,000 with many choices. Mr. H is so lucky that the model he likes is now on promotion with special discount! He wanted to buy the PC immediately, but because there is still some time to go until the payday, he is worried that the promotional sale will be finished already when he got the salary.
Although the new PC is not expensive…

In this case, he tried to browse the web and see if there is any simple and quick method to get some cash. End up he found a webpage of a finance company, and borrowed HK$10,000 successfully.
Interest rate 41.72%、Repayment Term 12 months
Monthly repayment $5167
Total Repayment Amount $62004
(Total repayment amount will be adjusted due to different interest rates and repayment term)
Mr. H can repay the loan without stress every month; He is very much satisfied with his new PC, which helps him to work more efficiently.

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