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We provide all our services solely via the internet. This business platform reduces our operating cost so you can enjoy our service with affordable monthly payments.
What’s more, our repayment system is simpler than others. No other fees or additional charges exist. You only pay your monthly payment.

Helps you to find your borrowing plan.


Repayment Calculator

Please specify your desired Service, Loan Amount and Repayment Term.

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※ Calculation result from this simulator is just for reference.
Loan offer will be subjected to individual’s financial condition.

貸款・財務公司(財務) - Finance One (Personal Loan) - Finance One repayment process and method

Your payment will be done by “Direct Debit” of your bank account every month. It’s so easy, just sign the Direct Debit Authorization Form when closing the borrowing contract.

貸款・財務公司(財務) - Direct Debit Your signature Finance One We set it up for you Your Bank Accept Direct Debit

貸款・財務公司(財務) - Finance One (Personal Loan) - Point1 Due date for repayment

Every repayment date is the following business day of your payday. We will inform you 3 days before your payment date via SMS every month. The repayment date will be fixed when the agreement begins to effect. Please confirm the date on your online process is correct.

貸款・財務公司(財務) - Finance One (Personal Loan) - Point2 Repayment method

Direct debit is the only method for your payment. The agreement is included in your closing contract. Don’t worry, we set it up for you.

貸款・財務公司(財務) - Finance One (Personal Loan) - Point3 Make a one time repayment

A larger bulk payment is acceptable at any time. Your interest will be changing every day, please call us and confirm your repayment amount with our operator before payment.
Call Us : 3798 - 8000

貸款・財務公司(財務) - Finance One (Personal Loan) - Point4 In order to avoid payment difficulties
  1. Please clearly make sure of your payment plan date is correct in advance of borrowing.
  2. Please carefully consider your borrowing amount.
  3. Please make use of our members support and check your payment date.
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