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貸款・財務公司(財務) - Finance One is the first professional internet finance company.
貸款・財務公司(財務) - Finance One (Personal Loan) - Multi-purpose
School fee, tax payment, car license fee, shopping, travel...you can use the cash on whatever you like!

貸款・財務公司(財務) - Finance One (Personal Loan) - Low interest rate. No additional fees.

Lower industry interest rate and simple payment.

No additional fees when borrowing

No additional fees when paying back.

* General Information only : Please ask and confirm details to other companies.

貸款・財務公司(財務) - Finance One (Personal Loan) - Fast approval & money transfer

Same Day
Apply before noon and get your loan payments in the same day.

As fast as 60min
Receive money in your bank account within 60minutes after your application is approved.

You can submit the application and contract anywhere with internet access.

貸款・財務公司(財務) - Finance One (Personal Loan) - Easy online complete process

No need to wait
No need to go and wait at branches.

You can apply from anywhere, at anytime, 24/7.

We protect your security online with our strong security controls.

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貸款・財務公司(財務) - Finance One (Personal Loan) - Who should use Finance One Loan ?

Finance One (Personal Loan) - Tax

Finance One (Personal Loan) - Get your free life

Finance One (Personal Loan) - Card Repayment

Finance One (Personal Loan) - Loan Refinace

In order to pay annual income tax

To enjoy your time
(Beauty, Leisure, School etc)

In order to meet your payments

To roll-over your current loan to a Finance One Loan


Finance One (Personal Loan) - No Time

Finance One (Personal Loan) - Hesitate to go to a branch

Finance One (Personal Loan) - Suddenly Unexpectedly

Finance One (Personal Loan) - Beginners

No enough time to go to a branch

Hesitate to go to a branch for borrowing money

Need to get money suddenly or unexpectedly

No experience with borrowing money.

Successful Cases

Case Study #1Want to buy the sports car I had before!
Case Study #2Want to get a new PC!
Case Study #3Want to have a trip in Okinawa !?

Other cases

Express Loan
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(HK$5,000 ? HK$50,000)Premier Loan
Apply Now ! 
(HK$51,000 ? HK$300,000)